Most companies replace their desktop computers and laptops every few years. Yet a lot of businesses keep their outdated phone systems for decades, and ten or even twenty years is a long time, especially in terms of technology. To put this in to perspective the first entirely computer-animated film, Toy Story, hit theatres 23 years ago, and the internet was still referred to as the ‘world wide web’. Twelve years ago the first Apple iPhone was introduced to the market and in 2008 the first Android-equipped phones appeared.
So why don’t organisations replace or upgrade their ancient office phone systems? Often businesses will stick with old technology simply because it still works, but perhaps don’t realise what they are missing out on, or the potential issues they could be facing. Here are a five top reasons why you should finally upgrade your traditional office phones to a modern VoIP (Voice over IP) platform.

#1 Save Money

A cloud hosted or VoIP system eliminates the need for separate voice and data networks, and the amount of calls the system can handle at one time is no longer restricted by physical phone lines, which can significantly reduce costs.

#2 Mobility

A phone system that is hosted in the cloud works via the internet, and as a result this means you can take calls at any location, all you need is a data connection. This allows your team to work more flexibly and remotely, either on the premises or off-site.

#3 Scalability

As your business grows a VoIP system can easily keep up. Whether you’re increasing your work force, adding new office locations, or both. Simply, add new phones and numbers for new team members or new locations as and when you need.

#4 New Features

Cloud-hosted phones have a vast array of advanced business features including: voicemail-to-email, conference calling, call recording, detailed directories, call encryption and interactive menus. All these features allow your team to work more efficiently, and increase productivity and security.

#5 Reduce Risk

The old phones may still work, but for how long? The outdated technology will eventually fail and when that happens there probably isn’t going to be a quick or easy fix. Repairing obsolete technology can be slow, expensive and there often isn’t a guarantee that it will work. Not to mention the negative effect that the down-time can have on your business. Invest in a new system now before a situation like this forces your hand into a snap decision. It’s also worth noting that BT are beginning to phase out traditional ISDN phone lines in 2020, so now really is the time to start future-proofing your business.

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