By now we all know to wash our hands regularly and wipe down our workspaces, but what about our computers, keyboards (crumb kings) and printers? How do you clean them properly without damaging them? Here is our advice on cleaning your workstation devices.

First things first, here are a few things to remember when cleaning any electronic device:

1. Never spray cleaning solutions directly onto your devices or screens.
2. Switch off and unplug devices prior to cleaning.
3. If in doubt, use slightly soapy water rather than harsh alcohol products.
4. Make sure your cloth is as dry as possible – remember electricity and water don’t mix!
5. Always check the manufacturer’s manual for the device.

Cleaning your mouse and keyboard

To start, turn your keyboard and mouse upside down and gently shake to dislodge any bits and crumbs.

When cleaning your mouse and keyboard use a microfibre cloth with a soap and water solution. Make sure the cloth is barely damp. Wipe over the top of the mouse and keys on the keyboard, ensuring no droplets leak in to any buttons. Then wipe the sides and base of the keyboard and mouse using light pressure, and again ensuring no droplets get in any openings or ports.

You may also want to take a cotton bud dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol to swab around each key.

A note for Mac users. Apple keyboards are renowned for being particularly sensitive to moisture, so be especially careful when cleaning these.

Cleaning your computer and printer screens

Turn off and unplug your screen or device before cleaning. Do not spray directly on to the screen.
Slightly dampen a microfibre cloth with screen-cleaning solution, and using very limited pressure to clean the screen. Wipe only in one direction, not in circles.

Cleaning your office phone

To keep your phone clean, use a cotton bud dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol, and swab around the buttons, receiver and mouthpiece. Then spray a microfibre cloth with a little soapy water and wipe down the phone, ensuring no droplets get into any openings or ports.

Cleaning your mobile phone

Power down your phone. Do not spray solution directly onto your phone. Check that your phone is water-resistant – most are but check in your handbook or on the manufacturer’s website.

Most mobile phone manufacturers do not recommend alcohol gel, disinfectant wipes or hand sanitiser, as all of these can contain chemicals that damage screens’ protective coatings. And in fact, damaging this coating could mean that germs find it easier to stick to your phone.

Slightly dampen a microfibre cloth with a little soapy water solution and lightly wipe your phone, ensuring no droplets get in any openings or ports.

If you have a phone case, remove and clean with soap and water or an alcohol-based wipe. Allow both the case and the phone to fully dry before reassembling.