If you are having problems logging on to your computer or laptop, here are some common things to check:

  • Make sure Caps Lock is off.
  • Check the username is correct – if another user has logged in last, then their username will probably be remembered.
  • Check the password is correct – have you reset your credentials recently? You might want to try selecting Reveal so that you can double-check that you’re typing the right password or PIN. If you have recently changed your password, try entering your previous one again. If this works, you’ll need to lock your device and then unlock it using the new password.
  • Test your password – by using another device to sign in to.
  • Reset your password – if you have access to the mobile/email associated with your account then you might want to try resetting your password by selecting I Forgot My Password.

For Windows 10 you can also check the following:

  • Update and restart – If updates are available select Power > Update and restart to restart your device and finish installing updates.
  • Check your internet connection – Make sure you’re connected to the internet by selecting Network on the lock screen of your device. If you’re having problems connecting to Wi-Fi or the signal is weak, try connecting your device directly to the router or modem with an Ethernet cable. If connectivity problems persist, check your internet connection using a different device to see if it’s a network problem.