Having trouble with a mouse? Make sure everything is connected properly, that the mouse has power, and that it’s set up correctly. If possible, try the mouse on a different device to see if it works with another machine.

Here are some common troubleshooting tips:

USB Mouse

  • Unplug the USB cable, wait 15 seconds and then plug back in again
  • Try using a different USB port on your PC
  • If you use a USB hub between the device and the PC, make sure the hub has power. If it’s still not working, try removing the USB hub and plugging the device directly into a USB port on the PC.
  • Make sure that the cables on your device aren’t damaged in any way.
  • Check any battery-powered devices to see if they are fully charged or have fresh batteries.
  • Make sure there’s no dirt blocking the sensor.

Wireless Mouse

  • Look on the bottom of the wireless device for a Reset button. Resetting the device will disconnect and then reconnect the wireless connection. There might also be a Reset button on the USB receiver for your device.
  • For USB wireless devices, this might be as simple as unplugging the USB wireless receiver, waiting for about 10 seconds, and then plugging the USB wireless receiver back into the USB port. The wireless connection should be reestablished.