Our free IT Health Check helps local businesses get the most out of their office technology. It’s completely free and there’s no obligation, simply get in touch to book your free audit.

Are you struggling with slow, unreliable computers?
Do you have backup and security systems in place?
Is there a disaster recovery plan?
Perhaps your network speed is letting you down?

… If any of these apply to your office, then take advantage of our free IT Health Check!

The benefits of our free IT Health Checks

  • Minimise downtime and protect productivity
  • Enhance protection from costly security breaches
  • Improve recovery time if a breach does happen
  • Ensure and maintain compliance

How does it work?

Our highly trained IT experts will inspect your current network, devices and setup, and provide you with an in-depth report highlighting areas for improvement. We use simple traffic light system and don’t use confusing jargon or buzz words, just a simple report explaining our findings and recommendations.

What our free IT Health Check covers

Identifying key risk areas

We’ll identify potential parts of the network that, if they failed, would cause down-time.

Backup and data retrieval

Our team will analyse your data, how it’s stored and the kinds of processes that can retrieve it.

Virus and malware protection

We’ll look in to how your network could be better protected to minimise the risk of security breaches.

Hardware for business-critical devices

Our engineers will check that the server and networking hardware have sufficient resources and capacity to reliably deliver the performance required.

Printers and other devices

We’ll check the other devices connected to your network to see how reliably and efficiently they are working.

System performance

This involves a full review of the system as a whole to identify any areas which may be limiting performance.

External connections

We’ll test the comms and internet connectivity and reliability. If you and your team use remote connections, we’ll check these processes to see how efficient and secure they are.

Book your free IT Health Check

Make the Sensible Choice and book your free IT Health Check by emailing us at sales.it@sensiblechoice.co.uk, calling us on 03333 583 689. Alternatively, fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch to book your Free IT audit.