Letterheads are a great way to strengthen your business’ brand. Customers receiving correspondence on paper emblazoned with your company logo will likely be impressed. They can help convey an authoritative air, and make you appear to be a much bigger business than you actually are. A customer opens a letter, sees your company logo at the top and instantly knows where it’s from and why they’re receiving it. Combine this with wherever else customers may see your logo (whether it be in real life or online) and it’s one of numerous puzzle pieces that add up to a complete and strong brand identity.

What if you get a new logo? Easy. You get new signage ordered, upload the new images online and send off for some amended letterheads. And just throw away the five hundred or so you have left from last time. That’s OK, though, re-branding doesn’t happen very often.

What if there’s a change of company director? A change of address? Even a new phone number? In the worst case scenario this could add up to be a good few trees’ worth of letterheads rendered obsolete.

There is an alternative. Traditionally people have had letterheads professionally printed due to superior quality and for convenience. With current technology, however, it is possible to produce documents of such quality in office. All that is required is a colour laser printer, maybe some slightly fancy paper and Microsoft Office.

Through creating a digital letterhead and saving it as a Word template, you have a stress-free, easily edited way of printing documents with company branding as and when you need them. Plus you’ll save money and paper in the process.

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