As a result of recent government advice, we’ve encouraged the majority of our staff to work remotely for the safety of both the team and our customers.

Sensible customers will not see a disruption to services, and you can still get hold of us through the phone and email as normal. The office is still manned, and the regular number of staff are still working – so Sensible services and support will continue as usual. 

We’re hearing increasing concerns from the local community surrounding self-isolation during lock down.

  • My business isn’t ready for remote work.
  • I don’t have the equipment I need at home.
  • How will my team work together when we’re all at home?
We’re here to help.

We understand this is an incredibly tough time for all of us – every business, every school, and every person is in a transition period with an indefinite endpoint. Three months, six months, a year? Nobody knows how long it will take for things to start improving, and then get back to normal.

The only thing that does seem clear is this – we’re all in this together. Through uncertain times we have to stick together, and we will bounce back at some point.

So with that in mind, the message from sensible is we’re here to help.

And we can help in all sorts of ways.

Maybe the transition has put you in a pickle: you have all this vital tech sitting at work which you need to take home. But even the thought of moving countless printers, computers and phones makes you frustrated. And once you take it all home, you then have to reinstall it – it’s an absolute nightmare.

We can help! We can help you move your stuff, and install it for you at home.

Or maybe you’d like to take your devices home – maybe you need it at home. But the stuff at work it so large you couldn’t fit it in your home office. So you’re having to struggle with whatever’s available.

We can help! We can deliver to your door a new, smaller, portable batch of tech. We’ll install it, and leave it all set up and ready to use.

And possibly you were going to take some devices home – like maybe the super-fancy desktop printer; the best printer you’ve ever used; the ‘it just works’ printer. But Bethany took the printer home first (damn it, Bethany!), and now you have to make do with the leftover junk.

We can help! We’ll get you a printer that’s nicer, newer, and smells nicer than Bethany’s smelly printer (damn it, Bethany!). We’ll make her jealous of you.

And there’s loads of other ways we can help, like delivering toners to wherever you are, or providing remote-support. If your company is running ‘business-as-usual’, we’re available as always to give the day-to-day support that you’ve come to expect.


We’ve made a page filled with Frequently Asked Questions where we’ve answered the most common tech-related issues. Whether it be copiers, computers, or communications, it makes for a super-quick way to up and running again.

Click here to check it out.

Build a Sensible home office

Don’t have the tech that’s crucial to running your business? You’re in luck!

Just tell us what you need, and Sensible’s manufacturer-trained engineers will be round in a flash to construct a work setup at home. And all our services come with comprehensive tech support from our experienced engineers thereafter, both remote and onsite.

So what does your home workspace need?

Phones for you and your team

We’ll set you up with a VoIP phone system that is perfect for remote work. You can connect from anywhere – work, home & everywhere else!

Or become fully free from your desk and link the VoIP system to your mobile, allowing you to take and make business calls, even when buying toilet paper.

An IT setup

We can install a Windows PC that works for you. With a full suite of Office365, you can pick up where you left off with all the same programs you’re used to.

Use Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business to stay in touch with your team. Whether you want face-to-face meetings, or a straightforward messaging system that makes sharing documents and all other files easy as pie.

Already own software? We can install it for you! Just sit back and relax while our team remotely configures you computer exactly how you like it.

A Desktop Printer/ Copier

Need a high-performance and reliable printer, but the one at work it too bulky for your home? We’ll fix you up with suitably sized device that meets all your printing needs.

We know that setting up a printer can often be a hassle – so let us do it for you! Within a jiffy, we’ll get it tamed and trained for you to take the reins.

How will I get toner refills in self isolation? The Sensible takeaway team deliver to your door. Just give us a buzz, and we’ll be round quick as a flash.

If you’d like to receive some Sensible help today, there are several ways to get in touch!

Give us a buzz at 03333 583 689

Send us a message on our Contact Page

Pop us an email at